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Pacific Gas and Electric


Pacific Gas and Electric had a couple of their electrical substations that were generating too much noise, disturbing neighboring areas. The company is a major provider of electrical energy in the state of California. In order to remedy the situation and keep the residents who lived near the substation happy, PG&E contacted IAC, whose products are distributed by Acoustical Solutions, to solve the problem.

Application Introduction:

PG&E had two locations that were emitting disruptive sound. One was located in San Francisco, the other in Gustine.  Both of these substations contained numerous transformers, some of which were generating an abundance of noise. So much, it was causing irritation to the population in the surrounding area. One of the residents was within 15′ feet of the property line. PG&E needed an effective solution, so they contacted IAC.

Treatment Provided:

The solution was completely designed, engineered and installed using the FS/S noise barrier system. This sound barrier wall minimizes sound transmission and maximizes sound absorption in a durable and attractive wall system that encourages harmony with the community. The sound barrier had to be high enough to block the sound and also incorporate a curb in its concrete foundation. This curb was necessary to solve a pre-existing drainage problem that PG&E wanted fixed at the same time.

IAC Acoustics provided complete turn-key services including design, engineering, foundations, structural supporting steel, acoustic panels and installation in order to address the low frequency noise generated from the transformers that was exceeding the local noise ordinance.


These outdoor acoustic barrier panel components consist of 14 gauge solid skin and 10 gauge skin with perforations. The metal panels are a 5″ thick acoustical panel that is self draining. The panels have a factory powder coat finish that is exterior grade. There are over 100 colors available with smooth or textured finishes to satisfy a variety of applications. The Noishield® sound barrier panels can be installed with horizontal or vertical reveals to satisfy aesthetic and architectural considerations.

IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Wall with NRC 1.05 with an STC 33 rating.


IAC Noishield® FS/S sound barrier systems optimize sound transmission loss and sound transmission properties, and they do so in a durable aesthetically pleasing wall system in harmony with the community. According to residents in one of the adjacent properties, the IAC Acoustics barrier wall exceeded their noise reduction expectations.

From the Client: According to PG&E engineer John Dang, “I think the green finish looks great! It seems to work so far; and no complaints from the neighbors.”