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Sound Mapping for the Indoor Eagle Gun Range


Sound mapping for the indoor Eagle Gun Range was completed in preparation to converting an existing building into an active gun range. A last-minute request was made for more details regarding the gun fire noise. This meant they needed a community sound mapping service, and fast. Businesses need to operate within range of local noise ordinances to help maintain a peaceful environment in the surrounding community.

Service Provided:

As the delivery time frame was under a week, we needed to work fast with the design team. Acquiring all the necessary data quickly, our team began producing a noise model. This sound model could predict the worst-case sound levels in the surrounding environment. Our team utilized the noise mapping software SoundPLAN v7.4 to predict the internal sound field. This dictates how noise would propagate through the walls of the building into the local community. The results generate a 3D sound map of the noise from the gun firing events. 

Specific Challenges:

The biggest challenge we overcame was not the noise mapping itself but meeting the deadlines to ensure our client could submit their planning applications on time. “I’m proud our team went the extra mile to ensure the project delivered on time in line with our customer’s needs” – Joe Niemann, Company President.

Client Details:

The Eagle Gun Range Inc. operates one of the premier indoor shooting facilities in Texas. It is exemplary in its approach to safety, air handling and now acoustics. Their previous indoor gun range facility has a “Premium” status by the National Sporting Shoots Foundation.

From the Client:You are past awesome. Thanks so much.

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