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Stanford University Clark Research Facility


The Stanford University Clark Research Facility solves some disturbing HVAC noise problems by employing our sound barrier wall system. Lowering the sound levels from the noisy rooftop equipment was imperative. This solution increases the focus of the student population as well as improve the surrounding environment.

Application Introduction:

The Stanford University Clark Research Facility consists of three buildings that face one another with an amphitheater in the center of each. Classes are commence on all three floors. There is a restaurant and a coffee shop as well. The noise levels from the HVAC system for the Clark Center interrupted and leaked into the classrooms. It was also spilling into the nearby amphitheater and created a very noisy environment in the restaurant and coffee shop.

Treatment Provided:

IAC Acoustics was called in to design, engineer, and fabricate our Noishield® FS/S sound barrier panels and structural supports for this substantial project. One of the main challenges was to install the barrier system without penetrating the rubber roof. We worked with a local structural engineer and developed a mounting system that held the barrier wall an average of 2″ off the roof deck. IAC Acoustics was able to complete the project within eight weeks of receiving the order, two weeks ahead of schedule. That included all the structural calculations, approval drawings, fabrication of the structural steel and installation.


IAC Acoustics supplied 105 Noishield FS/S panels ― 5″ thick, 24″ high (on center) of various lengths up to 16′, 21 structural columns, and mounting accessories. IAC Acoustics panels are constructed of cold-rolled A-60 steel, fabricated using 14 gauge materials for the solid side and 20 gauge materials for the perforated side of the panel. Fill materials used are fiberglass, non-corrosive, resistant to attack by fungus, fire-resistant, vermin-proof and non-hygroscopic. The fill material is also free draining, self-supporting and retains physical and sound absorptive characteristics after long-term exposure to the elements. All materials have a Class A fire rating and the panels have an NRC 1.05.

IAC Acoustics Noishield® Sound Barrier Walls


The faculty, staff and students can now do their work efficiently and effectively without hearing the exterior machine noise.