At the local steel plant it gets a bit hot and noisy. Scraps of steel enter on one side of the plant and come out as steel beams on the other—it’s a very interesting process. Unfortunately for anyone who works there, it’s also an incredibly noisy process.

Application Introduction:

The plant has a central break room that employees can use to escape from the heat and noise. Understanding that a 1% opening can create a 50% increase in noise levels, the plant managers knew they had to make every attempt to block the noise from entering the break room.

Treatment Provided:

With this in mind, they brought in Acoustical Solutions to install STC-49 doors in the break room.

To install the doors they had to first cut out the old doors with a torch, and once the old doors were removed, the new doors had to be fitted into the space and welded into place.


The doors worked great. The employees now have a room where they can relax and escape the harsh sounds and blazing heat.

One of the comments made after we finished the installing the doors was “it’s nice to have a place where we don’t have to wear our earplugs”.

In extreme areas like this, it’s sometimes difficult to create spaces that people can relax in, but installing quality sound barrier products like soundproof doors is a great way to increase the comfort level.

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