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  • Florida

Truck and Trailer Manufacturer


A global vacuum equipment truck and trailer manufacturer sought to improve noise levels throughout their main production facility. The factory contained every step of the manufacturing process and had operations such as grinding and welding in the same building as finishing and final assembly. Needless to say, this posed several challenges to controlling the manufacturing noise.

Service Provided:

Acoustical Solutions discussed several feasible acoustical treatment scenarios. One of the most important objectives was sound control without impacting the manufacturing process flow. After considering the potential options, stakeholders decided that acoustical treatment was only possible in two areas.

The Acoustical Solutions engineering department was bought on-board to conduct a facility survey to enable prediction of what this single solution could achieve. This was to allow the customer to use a cost-benefit analysis to assess whether this treatment was worth implementing. Once we acquire the survey data, we use it to generate a 3D computer model. The 3D SoundPlan software enables high accuracy predictions for noise reductions solutions.

Specific Challenges:

As it can be inferred by the limited number of treatment options available, the facility was compact with a very refined work flow which had been optimized over many years. The facility was also very “open”, so each area had a clear line of sight to the other. This makes it difficult to put solid sound barrier solutions in place without disrupting work flow or line of sight.

These challenges made selecting a feasible solution, while providing the required isolation, very difficult. However, in detailed conversations with the client to understand their unique process, followed by a detailed interior facility survey, and the predictive modeling conducting, Acoustical Solutions enables the customer to assess if the limited options available are worth the investment. Rather than simply installing acoustic materials and hoping for the best.