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Sound Absorption

Spaces that create an echo, or are noisy even when very little sound is being made, need sound absorptive materials. These spaces are probably large, open, or have many hard surfaces. Absorptive treatments will help contain sound energy rather than reflect it, lowering reverberation.

  • Sonex® Pyramid Acoustic Foam by Pinta Acoustic, Inc. - Industrial Application

    Soundproofing Industrial Noise

    Soundproofing industrial noise will help reduce occupational exposure to high sound levels to create a productive and safe working environment. Noise is a huge concern in factories and industrial facilities. It can create hazards in the workplace and affect your health. Industrial Facilities often need to meet specific noise level requirements as outlined by OSHA […] Read More »

  • Moody Middle School's Gymasium is using AlphaEnviro® Baffles in ceiling to reduce reverberation in the room.

    Soundproofing a Gymnasium

    Soundproofing a gymnasium is simply a matter of adding enough absorptive material to lower the reverb time and prevent wall-to-wall sound reflections. The hard flat, parallel surfaces are the main causes of echo and reverberation in architectural settings. This fact is precisely the reason gymnasiums commonly require acoustic treatment. This makes it difficult to understand […] Read More »

  • Savannah College of Art & Design utilized the custom nature of the AcoustiWall Fabric Stretch system with Whisper Fabric and our installation services to meet their high design standards as well as attain excellent acoustics in their student commons named The Hub.

    Soundproofing a Restaurant

    This blog will provide some practical advice on how to improve noisy dining areas to create a better environment and experience for customers and staff. A restaurateur’s obligation is to their customer. If the dining atmosphere is too noisy and uncomfortable, it can negatively impact future business. If the room is too reverberant, sound will […] Read More »

  • AlphaSorb® Quick Ship Acoustic Panel

    Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels

    Acoustic fabric wrapped panels are a perfect solution for sound and echo absorption for just about any interior space. There are different types depending on your requirements. Typically used for sound absorption, our premium line of Guilford of Maine Fabric wrapped panels are an industry standard. If lead time and quick delivery are factors, we […] Read More »

  • AgroLiquid Exhibit Room showcases double sided acoustical art panels mounted as baffles to reduce the echo in this display area.

    3 Reasons Acoustic Art is Perfect for Medical Facilities

    There’s been a lot of talk about acoustics and noise level in the healthcare industry lately. Medical facilities and hospitals are implementing new noise reduction programs which include retrofitting with architectural acoustics, white noise, new paging systems, and more reminders to use hushed voices. These programs have had great success in improving patient satisfaction. We […] Read More »

  • Custom cut flat foam was painted on site to create a unique and creative look for this learning facility.

    Custom Acoustic Foam Ceiling For Kids With Learning Differences

    Acoustical Solutions Rep Kevin McIver recently worked with a private independent school that serves children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Kevin worked closely with the school’s contractors to design a custom acoustic foam ceiling created from Acoustical Solutions’ standard products. The room is a Physical Education Classroom that is always filled with a lot […] Read More »

  • Game Room Acoustics: AcoustiArt Cuts Billiards Noise

    Game Room Acoustics: Acoustic Art Cuts Billiards Noise

    So, you’ve finally done it—you have your game room! Your dedicated man cave with your billiards table is classy, fun, and LOUD. Well that was the case with Greg, anyway. The Game Room Acoustical Solutions Rep Steve Snider was spending time with his good friend and playing a game of pool when he noticed something […] Read More »

  • How to Soundproof a Music Room

    I am a guitar player and have played in various bands steadily now for over twenty years. From garages, sheds, basements, studios, and even dedicated music rooms, I’ve rehearsed in all the usual places that bands tend to use for their practice spaces. I’ve always gravitated towards bands that play more of the harder varieties […] Read More »