Acoustical Panels can be mounted in various ways to meet your design and needs. Typically, wall-mounted, Acoustical Panels can also be mounted directly on the ceiling, or suspended from the ceiling, like a Cloud.

The benefit of using the Cloud mounting option is that it makes the Acoustical Panels more efficient at absorbing sound.

Payette National Forest Clouds

Cloud Mount Acoustical Panels utilize both sides of the absorptive fiberglass to maximize effectiveness

"<yoastmarkTypically, in a wall-mounted application, you are only utilizing one facing of the acoustical panel. This is fine, however, if you can utilize both facings, why not? By suspending the acoustical panels, sound is absorbed on the fabric-faced side first. Any sound that “flanks” around the edges of the panel and bounces off the ceiling can be absorbed by the back of the panel as well.

Acoustical panels in the Cloud configuration also work better at absorbing low frequencies. So, in a room that has a lot of low frequency build-up, Clouds do a great job at capturing those low frequencies and put a stop to their reflection.

Cloud Acoustical Panels are highly customizable.

We offer them in any size up to a 4′ x 10′ panel and come in 1″ and 2″ thicknesses. Also, with all the fabric options we have, you are guaranteed to find a color that will either blend in to your existing ceiling or stand out as part of a greater design.

Finally, Cloud Acoustical Panels offer the ability to hide ugly ceiling appendages: like duct-work and conduit. This allows you to create a more inviting, acoustically comfortable space.

If you wanted a more creative option, you can opt for WhisperWave™ Clouds and baffles. These acoustical panels can be hung horizontally (Cloud) and vertically (Baffle). Both options still give you the ability to utilize both facings of the acoustical panel. Easy to install, these Clouds look great and are very effective acoustically. At Highland Baptist Church in Laurel, Mississippi, James Jolly described the WhisperWave™ Clouds as follows:

WhisperWave Clouds and Baffles allow you to utilize both sides of the Acoustical Panel.

WhisperWave Clouds and Baffles look great, and still allow you to utilize both sides of the Acoustical Panel.

“Even after the 1st row, I could tell a difference. The sound is so much better it is hard to describe. You can actually carry on a conversation and not feel like you’re on the mountaintop.”

In summary, Cloud Acoustical Panels offer the following benefits:

  • An increase in the efficiency of the Acoustical Panel
  • Better low frequency absorption
  • Easy installation
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Highly customizable

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