Acoustic panels can be mounted in various ways to meet your design and sound control needs. Typically, wall-mounted acoustic panels can also be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling as a “cloud” for a highly effective acoustic ceiling treatment. They are usually offset horizontally from ceilings to help with architectural design goals, reducing ambient noise, and improving speech intelligibility in a space.

What Are Cloud Acoustic Panels?

They are suspended parallel to the ceiling, allowing them to absorb sound waves at two points. It absorbs sound as it travels upward toward the ceiling and as it bounces off the ceiling back toward the floor. This dual absorption ability reduces echo and reverberation and significantly dampens noise levels in a space. Therefore, this makes them great options for restaurants, offices, rehearsal spaces, and multipurpose rooms.

Why Are Cloud Acoustic Panels Important?

Typically, in a wall-mounted application, you are only utilizing one facing of the acoustical panel. This is fine, however, if you can utilize both facings, why not? By suspending the acoustic panels and decoupling them from the ceiling, sound is absorbed on the face side first. Any sound that “flanks” around the edges of the panel and bounces off the ceiling can be absorbed by the back of the panel as well. Acoustic panels in the cloud configuration also work better at absorbing low frequencies. So, in a room that has a lot of low frequency build-up, cloud acoustic panels do a great job at capturing those low frequencies and put a stop to their reflection. Finally, they can also offer the ability to hide unsightly ceiling appendages. For example, ductwork and conduits. This allows you to create a more inviting, acoustically comfortable space.

Cloud Acoustic Panels - Liberty University Rehearsal Room - Music rehearsal for orchestra and band using AlphaPerf ceiling clouds and AlphaSorb wall panels.

Liberty University Rehearsal Room – Music rehearsal for orchestra and band using AlphaPerf® ceiling clouds and AlphaSorb® wall panels.

Examples Of Cloud Acoustic Panels

Here are just a few examples of the cloud acoustic panels in action!

Tips And Reminders For Cloud Acoustic Panels

For a durable and refined acoustic solution, we suggest AlphaSorb® Ceiling Cloud Mount Panels. Available in a range of sizes up to 4′ x 10′, these suspended clouds are available in the full line of Guilford of Maine FR701 fabric line. Add extra style by choosing a bevel and miter edge detail. You may also choose from several different fabric styles and colors in the AnchorageStudio 54Whisper, and SoundSuede™. If lead time is important to you, consider the AlphaSorb® Quick Ship Acoustic Ceiling Cloud. Available in select colors, you can mix and match sizes and colors to achieve any look. Easy to install, these acoustic ceiling clouds are the perfect DIY solution for your space. This quick solution is great for a variety of areas including offices, conference rooms, and recording studios.

Cloud Acoustic Panels - Meadowbrook Lakes Clubhouse

Meadowbrook Lakes Clubhouse


Cloud acoustic panels are the answer to your acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong sound-absorbing performance, durability, and elegant appearance. Once installed, this suspended acoustic ceiling treatment will absorb echo and reverberation, improving the room acoustics of the interior space.

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