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Acoustical Solutions offers a full line of AlphaFlat acoustical foam sheets in various thickness and sizes. (Class 1 fired reated melamine, non-convoluted, non-patterned) AlphaFlat acoustic foam may be used in a variety of applications and can be applied using construction adhesive.

Standard foam sheet sizes are 2’x 4’ by 1” or 2” thick and can ship via a typical ground service.  Larger 4’x4′ and 4’x8′ sizes ship on a skid via freight trucking service.

  • Flat, non-convoluted acoustical foam
  • Easy to cut
  • Great for use as HVAC duct liner to reduce noise

Options include a PSA (peel and stick adhesive backer) as well as various foam facings including Tuftane, Mylar and Perforated Vinyl.

AlphaFlat Foams
Model No.ColorSheet SizeThicknessSheets per BoxPrice per Box
FOMAM.5-22WWhite2′ x 2′1/2″12$164.50
FOMAM.5-24WWhite2′ x 4′1/2″24$581.00
FOMAM1-22WWhite2′ x 2′1″24$456.25
FOMAM1-24WWhite2′ x 4′1″12$398.00
FOMAM1-44WWhite4′ x 4′1″12$735.00
FOMAM1-48WWhite4′ x 8′1″25$2,304.25
FOMAM1.5-22WWhite2′ x 2′1 1/2″16$406.00
FOMAM1.5-24WWhite2′ x 4′1 1/2″8$315.00
FOMAM1.5-44WWhite4′ x 4′1 1/2″8$723.50
FOMAM1.5-48WWhite4′ x 8′1 1/2″14$1,862.00
FOMAM2-22WWhite2′ x 2′2″12$337.25
FOMAM2-24WWhite2′ x 4′2″6$291.75
FOMAM2-44WWhite4′ x 4′2″6$660.50
FOMAM2-48WWhite4′ x 8′2″10$1,621.75
FOMAM.5-22LGLight Grey2′ x 2′1/2″12$91.00
FOMAM.5-24LGLight Grey2′ x 4′1/2″24$340.75
FOMAM1-22LGLight Grey2′ x 2′1″24$256.75
FOMAM1-24LGLight Grey2′ x 4′1″12$256.75
FOMAM1-44LGLight Grey4′ x 2′1″12$583.50
FOMAM1-48LGLight Grey4′ x 8′1″25$1,866.75
FOMAM1.5-22LGLight Grey2′ x 2′1 1/2″16$253.25
FOMAM1.5-24LGLight Grey2′ x 4′1 1/2″8$251.00
FOMAM1.5-44LGLight Grey4′ x 4′1 1/2″8$507.50
FOMAM1.5-48LGLight Grey4′ x 8′1 1/2″14$1,502.75
FOMAM2-22LGLight Grey2′ x 2′2″12$251.00
FOMAM2-24LGLight Grey2′ x 4′2″6$235.75
FOMAM2-44LGLight Grey4′ x 4′2″6$513.50
FOMAM2-48LGLight Grey4′ x 8′2″10$1,306.75
AlphaFlat Foam is available with various facings & backing options
FacingsPrice per sheetBackings
Aluminized Mylar$15.00
Perf vinylCall for price
TedlarCall for price


For more information on our AlphaFlat Foam, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.

2 reviews for AlphaFlat Foam

  1. :

    I have a large great room with tile floors and large accordian windows. My question–can you reduce echo in a large volume space by adding your accoustic foam behind standard canvas oil paintings? Will this dampen the sound and reduce echo. I was thinking your 1″ foam would be perfect to fill in behind all of my artwork… thank you. DH

    • :

      Hello Dan,

      The simple answer to your question is unfortunately no, it is not a great idea to try to add absorptive material behind canvas paintings. Canvas is a heavy weighted fabric, and especially when covered with paint, is not typically transparent enough to allow sound to pass through it for the foam to absorb. In the case of oil paintings, which typically are textured and thick, the paint can also reflect sound, as well. A better choice if you want to incorporate art and acoustics together, would be to look at our AcoustiArt Panels. These panels use a compressed fiberglass core which is very absorptive and are covered with a lightweight, acoustically transparent, printable fabric. You would provide us with the images you want printed on the fabric, and then we fabricate to the size you order.

      Please feel free to call me with any additional questions. I would be happy to talk you through your noise issue and offer any possible solutions: 804-349-0041

      Best regards,

      Ryan Colton
      Technical Sales
      Toll-Free: 1-800-782-5742 ext. 121
      Direct: 804-349-0041
      Fax: 804-346-8808

  2. :

    I am in a condo and am looking for a way to reduce the noise coming from upstairs. the noise is from people walking and moving furniture etc. please advise, thanks!

    • :

      Hi Susan,

      Acoustical foam does not block noise, but improves the quality of sound in the area it is installed. If you are trying to reduce impact noise like footfall on the floor above you, there are a few other things you can do. You can either get your upstairs neighbor to put a floor underlayment under their existing hardwood or carpet, or treat your ceiling. It is probably more likely you will have to do the latter.

      To soundproof your ceiling, the most effective thing to do is to create a ‘floating’ ceiling meaning adding another layer to your ceiling that is isolated from the original layer so it doesn’t transfer vibration and noise. You would do this using isolation clips, drywall, and damping compound like Quiet Glue or Green Glue. You could also add a vinyl barrier if the noise is severe. Click here for a diagram of this installation.

      This can be confusing for a soundproofing first timer. Ceilings are always a tough application, so please feel free to call in and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps if you have additional questions: 1-800-782-5742

  3. :

    Hi Phil,

    Since you are trying to soundproof a wall post-construction, the best thing to do is use a damping compound like QuietGlue Pro on a new layer of drywall and add that onto your existing wall – or add two new layers of drywall with QuietGlue Pro sandwiched between, installed on your existing wall with isolation clips.

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