ClearSonic IsoPac A (Drums not included)ClearSonic products help captivate and control sound for musical instruments and vocals both on stage or in the studio. Drum shield panels are used to block the direct path of sound by providing separation between instruments. The IsoPacs, available in an array of configurations, provide isolation for drums, guitars amps, brass and woodwind instruments or may be used as a vocal booth. Amplifier shields help to tame volume without sacrificing tone. Cables easily pass through the cut-outs at the bottom where the clear acrylic panels join. Sorber panels are used in many of these systems to provide absorption or may be used as a free-standing baffle.

Drum Shields

Drum Shield Panels are an easy and portable solution to quickly surround your drums to block the direct path of sound. However, this does not contain the sound. Drum shields are a great way to isolate instruments on stage or in the studio. They can help lower stage volume and they fold for easy transportation. Drum shield panels only redirect or reflect the sound. To reduce sound reflections, absorption should be added into the equation. This when the IsoPacs are the best choice. These booths provide an elastic foot-print in order to surround drum sets, make vocal booths or surround other types of instruments.

IsoPac Enclosures

The IsoPac MegaPac and the IsoPac MiniMega are the largest of the ClearSonic IsoPacs. These feature 360 degrees of absorption and incorporation the lid system. Both the MegaPac and MiniMega will reduce the sound by approximately 70%. IsoPac A and IsoPac B save space as they are smaller in size, include the lid system and reduce the sound by about 50-60%. The IsoPac C and IsoPac D provide a drum shield and 360 degrees of absorption without a lid system. Use these when looking for a moderate amount of sound control. IsoPac systems are not 100% airtight. This is to allow for proper air circulation. Any IsoPac system that has a lid system includes a two-speed fan.

Vocal Booth Enclosures

IsoPacs are fantastic for isolating vocals or other instruments. The IsoPac E is the largest of the vocal booths. With plenty of absorptive panels, you can customize the acoustics. For a more basic set up, the IsoPac F provides a clear line of site inside of the booth. Sorber panels may be added for additional absorption. If you need a space saving option, the IsoPac G is small, compact and with absorptive panels for placement around your microphone. The IsoPac H allows you to set up a private area for translation, interpretation or voice over applications. Each of these IsoPacs come with a lid system and a two-speed fan for air circulation.

Speaker Cabinet Shields and Enclosures

Speaker cabinet shields and enclosures help control amplified volume on stage or in the studio, without sacrificing tone. The AmpPac 10 is great for small combo amps and with the lid, becomes the AmpPac 11. Designed for a 1×12 or 2×12 open back speaker cabinet, the absorption of the AmpPac 20 surrounds the speaker and with a lid it becomes the AmpPac 21. If you need sound absorption for a four-speaker cabinet, look to the AmpPac 30 or AmpPac 31 (includes lid). For a portable set up, you might consider the AmpPac 32 (shield only) or the AmpPac 33 (with absorbers). Often used with half stack amplifiers, the AmpPac 40 features a front clear shield with absorption behind the amp or get 360 degrees of absorption with the AmpPac 41. For speakers similar to a Leslie Cabinet, use the AmpPac 50 or the AmpPac 51 (includes lid).

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Drum Enclosures

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