Acoustic Ceiling Tiles are an easy and effective way to reduce the echo in a noisy room by using your existing drop ceiling grid.

What are Acoustic Ceiling Tiles?

Acoustical Ceiling Tiles can be used in your existing drop ceiling “t-grid” ceiling structure. By replacing your older standard ceiling tiles you can improve the acoustics of the room as well as the room’s heating and cooling efficiency with new Acoustic Tile.

Don’t have a drop ceiling? That’s ok we also have ceiling tiles that can be surface mounted!

Why are Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Important?

Many offices, retail stores, and even some homes have a drop ceiling or T-Grid structure for their ceiling design. This design works well for many buildings as it allows for ductwork and piping to be hidden above the drop ceiling structure. Unfortunately, the quality of the standard tiles used for many buildings is poor. Upgrading to acoustical ceiling tiles will not only make the room you are in sound much better, but you can also reduce room-to-room sound transfer and make heating and cooling more efficient after installing our Acoustical Ceiling Tiles.

Sustainable Series Acoustic Ceiling Tile 2' x 2'

Sustainable Series Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Examples of Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Unsure where to start? Check out our AcoustiTherm Acoustic Ceiling Tile. With a NRC rating of 1.05 and an R value of 13.6, AcoustiTherm ceiling tiles provide optimal acoustic performance and energy savings for a complete solution.

Tips and Reminders for Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

  1. Do you have a room with a drop ceiling that has bad echo? If so, call us to discuss options for Acoustical Ceiling Tiles that will work with your existing ceiling structure.
  2. Do you have a room with a drop ceiling where you can hear the neighboring rooms conversations? If so, call us to discuss sound barrier tiles to absorb echo and block room to room sound transfer.
AcoustiTherm Acoustic Ceiling Tile in a open office.

AcoustiTherm Acoustic Ceiling Tile in a open office.


Acoustical Ceiling Tiles are an efficient, cost effective, and easy to install “drop in” solution to reduce unwanted noise in your space. Give us a call so we can help you find the right tiles for your needs and budget.

To learn more about how Acoustical Solutions can solve your noise control problems, use our contact form, call one of our Acoustical Sales Consultants at (800) 782-5742, or visit us on the web at