AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel

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Casa Del Barco worked closely with Acoustical Solutions to design and install custom manufactured art panels in their restaurant.

AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel


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AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel – Bay CollegeAcoustiArt Acoustic Panel – Billard RoomAcoustiArt Acoustic Panel – Department StoreAcoustiArt Acoustic Panel – Math & Science CenterAcoustiArt Acoustic Panel – ParagonAcoustiArt Acoustic Panel – ParagonCasa Del Barco worked closely with Acoustical Solutions to design and install custom manufactured art panels in their restaurant.Improving the dining experience, by incorporating and acoustics and art, was a priority for Casa Del Barco’s design team.Installed over the dining area at Casa Del Barco, the acoustic panels not only reduce the sound but add to the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant.The printed panels incorporated Casa Del Barco’s color scheme and logo into the design of the artwork.

For years, the only way to change up the look of fabric wrapped acoustical wall panels has been to choose different solid-colored fabrics. We’ve taken another step forward, and our clients can now add art to their acoustical panels! Our decorative AcoustiArt Panels allow you to add high-quality designs and photos to your acoustical treatment.

These panels are a custom product that you design yourself. Provide your design or artwork, choose your sizes and give us a call to place your order. The panels are installed easily with impaling clips, which are free with your AcoustiArt order.

Step One: Choose Your Design

AcoustiArt Panels can incorporate your high resolution photos, text and images from commercial signage designs, or you can choose from any image on websites such as or by giving us the image id number. See our Artwork Submission Form for guidelines on formatting and submitting your designs. There are also a few edge options to choose from. The edges of the panel can be mirrored, cropped, or solid black or white. AcoustiArt Panels - Mirrored Edge Option The Mirrored Edge option has your graphic fully shown on the face of the panel, but the image is mirrored at each edge for wrapping around sides of panel. The black lines indicate the face and sides of the panel. AcoustiArt Panels - Cropped Edge Option The Cropped Edge Option has the graphic blown up to wrap fully around the edges with the center of the image as the face of the panel. The black lines indicate the face and sides of the panel.

Step Two: Choose Your Sizes

Acoustical Solutions can create AcoustiArt Panels in many different sizes ranging up to a 4’x10′ panel. Take a look at some photos of our previous AcoustiArt to see what appeals to you. Larger images will require higher resolution graphics to preserve the quality of the image enlarged (see Artwork Submission Form).

Step Three: Give Us a Call!

For more information on our AcoustiArt Acoustic Panel, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.


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Can I add art to Acoustical Panels?

Can I add art to Acoustical Panels?

Our AcoustiArt Panels are our original standard fabric wrapped wall panel printed with images, and are also one of our most popular products!

Our AcoustiDesign Panels have a rigid PVC frame that the fabric is tucked into. This allows the panel to hang on the wall more like a traditional piece of art, and also allows you to change out the fabric if you ever want a new image displayed.

Any high resolution graphic or photo that you supply can be used to create these products.

Is the printed fabric acoustically transparent?

Yes. The printed fabric covering allows sound to pass through and be absorbed by the acoustical substrate underneath. In some cases, the printed acoustical fabric can be sold as a stand alone item if you wish to cover your own panels or printed fabric for other purposes.

How can I provide Acoustical Solutions with my artworks?

You can email us artwork or, if the image files are large, upload it to a file sharing service and send us a link.

How much does an AcoustiArt panel cost?

These are all custom quoted per the individual projects. Pricing varies depending on amount of unique images, panels sizes and configurations. Please contact us with your project details.

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