AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels

AlphaSorb Acoustical Wall Panels
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AlphaSorb® Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels answer your acoustical and aesthetic needs with their strong sound absorbing performance, durability and elegant appearance. These panels are used for sound reduction and reverberation control. Available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

AlphaSorb® Wall Panels allow you to create an effective sound control treatment that is distinctly appropriate for your environment. These fabric wrapped sound panels come in standard or custom sizes, up to 4′ x 10′ in 1″ or 2″ thicknesses. Standard color options are the Guilford fabric FR701, 2100 series line. Designer selected fabric wrapped sound panels available upon request. The AlphaSorb™ Fabric Wrapped Wall Panel is Class 1 fire-rated and offers various edge details as well as installation options.

Applications include Houses of Worship, Teleconferencing and Videoconferencing Rooms, Broadcast and Recording Studios, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Home Theaters and Auditoriums.

Pricing shown below is per panel with square edges. Clip & fastener pricing shown below. Sound Panels are covered with Guilford of Maine Fabric FR701, Style 2100.

These panels are a custom product that you design yourself. Choose your fabric, choose your sizes and give us a call to place your order. The panels are installed easily with impaling clips, which are free with your panel order.

For any size not listed, the wall panel price will be the same as the next wall panel size up. Call 1-800-782-5742 for pricing on die-cut panels and different thicknesses ranging from 1/2″ up to 4″.

AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels
Dimensions1″ Thick2″ Thick
2′ x 2′$48$58
2′ x 4′$71.50$92
2′ x 5′$83.75$103
2′ x 6′$97.50$120.75
2′ x 8′$114$144.50
2′ x 10′$141.50$179
4′ x 3′$90$115
4′ x 4′$115$145.50
4′ x 5′$141.50$189
4′ x 6′$183$212
4′ x 8′$217.50$280
4′ x 10′$255$332
Z-Clip Fasteners:$20 per panelImpaling Clip Fasteners:FREEVelcro Fasteners (only available on panels 4′ x 5′ or smaller):Call for pricing: 800 782 5742
Chemically Hardened Edges:$10 per panel Radius, Mitered, or Beveled Edges:
$10 per panelacoustic panel edge options
Expedited Shipping:Call for pricing: 800 782 5742

For more information on our AlphaSorb® Acoustic Panels, call us at 1-800-782-5742 or contact our sales department.


  1. :

    I just wanted to thank you and your company for the perfect panels that I ordered. Everything was as ordered and fit exactly into our project. Once again thanks for all of your assistance.

  2. :

    Thank you for the quick response and it has been a pleasure working with your company. Gary Hudson was very helpful in my decision to use your product both with his suggestions and fast turn around of the product.

  3. :

    Thanks!! The panels were a perfect match to the inset accent color around the top of an artitectural arch around the stained glass windows. We love it!!!!

  4. :

    Will this panels help control the noise in my bowling alley? Keep in mind it is small & the building is made out of cinder blocks. So the sound of the balls and pins just echo of the walls. Can you help? thanks Beth

    • :

      Beth – These panels are a great way to reduce the amount of echo and general ‘noise’ that bounces around inside bowling alleys. It might be a good idea to also use acoustical baffles. The combination of wall panels and baffles should make a significant difference sound quality within the bowling alley.

  5. :

    We are trying to make a small 12’X 12’room into our radio dispatch for our haulage dirt work equipment and will need to make the room sound proof so no one else can hear the noise in the other offices near by. Can these panels work for us?

    • :

      Greg, if you’re trying to soundproof the room, you should be using the Alphasorb Barrier wall panels which both block sound from passing through the walls and absorb sounds inside the room.

      You will need to cover the inside walls floor to ceiling so you don’t have any leaks. If you have exterior walls, the standard wall panels can be used on these.

  6. :

    I am converting a racquetball court into a weight room. The echo is terrible. How can I fix this problem?

  7. :

    Are your acoustic wall panels fireproof

    • :

      Is there a Rep. in the Las Vegas area that can help with our situation?

  8. :

    What is the soundproofing difference between a 1 inch panel and a two inch panel??

    • :

      Susan – thanks for the question.
      These particular panels don’t “soundproof” a room, which means they don’t block sound from entering or leaving the space.
      What they do, however, is reduce echo, reverberation and other noise within the room by absorbing the sound. This makes it easier to understand speech, etc.
      1″ thickness= NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of .85 – Used in applications such as conference rooms.
      2″ thickness= NRC of 1.15 – Used in applications such as recording studios where there are lower frequencies such as bass.
      If you want to both absorb noise AND block noise (soundproof), see our AlphaSorb Barrier Acoustic Panels.

  9. :

    For the AlphaSorb fabric-wrapped acoustic panels, is 2 x 2 in 1″ or 2″ thickness in black or charcoal a stock item? What would be the lead time on delivery?

    • :

      Philip – neither product is a stock item. the lead time for them is 2-3 weeks.

  10. :

    What is the calculation to determine how many wall panels are needed for the size of the room ?

    • :

      Tyler – Thank you for your very valid question. As you know, each and every room is different. A combination of overall cubic volume, surface material types, and sometimes dramatic ceiling angles play a part in the equation. Not to mention the most important factor – what will the room be used for? The desired reverb time should be based on the type of space you are designing. It is always best to call in and speak to one of our experienced sales staff to help you determine the type, and quantity of panels your room needs. We have a special program that inputs all of your data, and then our panel data, to get the desired result (reverb time). After that is assessed, we can determine overall square footage of wall panels per wall and proper placement with a little help from you, regarding your aesthetic choice in relation to shape and size. Thank you, Aaron Duncan 804-290-0822 Ext.17

  11. :

    Can these be constructed in a custom size? Say 4’X6′-4″. Also mounted to a curved substrate?

    • :


      Yes, custom sizes can be made, but you will usually be charged for the next size up. The panels can be mounted on a curved surface with anchors, eyebolts, and guide wire, or any other method recommended by a licensed contractor.

  12. :

    A client wants fabric panels for display of photographs and artwork with a plywood backing they want the photos/art attached through the fabric panels to the plywood behind with small screws into metal security clips. would that work with these panels without damaging the weave? they would periodically change the photos/art.

    • :

      Hi Jack,

      In order for these acoustical wall panels to absorb noise, the surface cannot be obstructed by anything not acoustically transparent. If your client is looking for an acoustical panel that can be customized with artwork I would recomment our AcoustiArt or AcoustiDesign Panels. We use acoustically transparent fabric custom printed with any high resolution image you provide us. The fabric on our AcoustiDesign panels can also be changed out when desired.

  13. :

    Lynchburg Elementary School in Lynchburg Tn has a gymnasium with a terrible echoing problem. Is there a certain pattern we would install along the wall if ordering the material or would we just go 4′ x 10′ all along the walls. seems very expensive. thanks for your help. chris

    • :

      Hi Chris,
      Please take a look at our AlphaEnviro Wall Panels. They are more practical for gymnasiums because they are durable, easy to clean, and affordable. For questions on how much and where to install the panels, please call in. One of our technical sales reps would love to talk you through your noise issue and solutions! 800-782-5742

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