We carry a range of freestanding acoustic partitions and room dividers for sound control in a variety of applications and environments. Lightweight and easy to handle, our Versi-Series dividers are perfect for separating spaces in offices, schools, churches, daycares and more. The ClearSonic enclosures offer sound control tailored for music production, recording studios, rehearsal spaces or live performances. For machinery noise and heavy duty applications, our industrial noise control blankets are tough, durable and are configurable to your fit your specific application. With this assortment of dividers, you will be sure to find a solution that meets your requirements.

Versi-Series Acoustic Partitions & Room Dividers

The VersiPanel Partition Wall allows you to create an acoustic dividing wall for use in offices, music production, classrooms or in any application to increase privacy.

The Veri-Series of acoustic partitions and room dividers are movable, modular, easy to set up and use. The sound absorbing panels have a lightweight foam core and sport a stain resistant, durable acoustical fabric. These acoustical panels are freestanding and are a quick solution to separate areas in just about any space. One unique feature allows you to create larger dividers by connecting several units together using the magnetic mounts on the vertical side of each partition. Best of all, these units either fold or roll up for easy storage when not in use.

Our VersiFold Room Divider is comprised of four hinged panels that may be set up in an “L” , “C’, or zig-zag pattern. Made up of several smaller linear panels, our VersiPanel Partition Wall rolls up for storage and is perfect for creating temporary, flexible spaces. If a lower height is desired, we also offer the VersiPanel Jr Partition Wall in bright, vibrant colors. The smaller size of the VersiPanel Jr lends itself well for classrooms, daycare and nursery settings. All of the Versi-Series partitions are tackable, great for displaying pictures, artwork or office memos.

For added stability, a couple of optional VersiFoot Partition Stabilizers may be added to any of the Versi-Series partitions.


Use The Clearsonic series of freestanding dividers to create enclosures and surrounds for musical instruments, vocals and more. These kits are fantastic for separating and lowering sound from drum sets, vocals, horns, amplifiers and much more. Cables easily pass through the cut-outs at the bottom of each divider where the clear acrylic panels join. This makes cable access easy for recording or live sound configurations.

IsoPac Enclosures

IsoPac Enclosures are acrylic panels with a sound absorbing back wall, making them great partitions for drum sets, percussion and other musical instruments. Some models feature a sound absorbing cap for additional sound reduction.

Vocal Booths

Typically for use as vocal booths, these may also enclose other types of instruments. With a smaller footprint, these booths easily control sound from horns and stringed instruments or create a space for teleconferencing or video conferencing.

Speaker Cabinet Dividers and Enclosures

The ClearSonic AmpPacs are quick and easy freestanding dividers and enclosures for controlling the volume produced speakers and amplifiers. They are portable and easy to set up and break down. There are options for clear dividers, dividers with absorption and dividers with absorption and a sound absorbing cap.

Industrial Blanket Partition Screens, Dividers and Enclosures

With our industrial blankets, there are limitless ways to create freestanding partitions, hanging divider walls or complete blanket enclosures. Blanket enclosures may be configured to block or encapsulate sound using heavy duty hardware, unistrut with cable, chain or threaded rod. Our portable blanket screen is a simple solution allowing you to create a freestanding noise partition by connecting several units. These highly-effective, custom made sound enclosures can both absorb and block sound. Use these options to create customizable solutions for permanent or temporary sound control solutions. Acoustical barrier blankets provide effective noise control in work areas, manufacturing plants, on construction sites and in industrial environments.