Acoustic Ceiling Tiles & Panels

Acoustical Solutions offers a wide range of acoustic ceiling tiles, baffles, acoustic banners, cloud panels and other acoustical materials to control sound in buildings.

Whether it is a classroom, gymnasium, theater or swimming pool, we have a variety of products to solve your acoustic and aesthetic needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a large room with a great deal of open space, sound can bounce off the surfaces, especially ceilings, which can create unpleasant echoes and reverberations. It can make it difficult to hold conversations, listen to music, focus on work, and much more. While most of these tiles are designed with sound absorption in mind, some can also block and diffuse sounds.

Acoustic ceiling options come in a variety of formats to make installation easy and effective. Acoustic ceiling tiles are an excellent way to enhance an existing drop-hung ceiling grid and can provide full ceiling coverage while enhancing aesthetics. Ceiling clouds, on the other hand, can be attached directly to the ceiling. They are suspended and often come in a larger variety of shapes, colors, and styles than acoustic ceiling tiles.

To soundproof a drywall ceiling between the floors of a building, install mass loaded vinyl (MLV) in the ceiling assembly, covering the entirety of the ceiling. AudioSeal® MLV Soundproofing Barrier decouples the finished ceiling from the joist when it is installed against the ceiling joist.

Combining MLV products with layers of sheetrock, Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, and Resilient Sound Isolation Clips and furring channels will further improve the sound transmission loss of the complete assembly. In fact, this is the most effective way to block sound and stop structural vibration that may cause additional noise.

If there is a ceiling grid in place, PrivacyShield® Ceiling Barrier panels can be placed on top of existing ceiling tiles to block sound. For double-duty strength, traditional ceiling tiles can be replaced with Signature Sound Barrier Ceiling Tiles or PrivacyShield® High CAC Foam Soundproofing Ceiling Tiles. In addition to blocking sound transmission, these two products also absorb sound to reduce noise and echo.

When sound waves bounce off hard ceiling, wall, and flooring surfaces in a room it creates noise and echo. This is especially problematic in work settings where people need to focus and easily hear others speak. Acoustic ceiling tiles are made from porous materials that absorb sound and reduce reverberation. The result is a more comfortable room where people can talk easily and not struggle to hear over other noises.

Unfortunately, ceiling tiles that are 100% fireproof don’t exist. That said, commercial building codes require ceiling tiles that offer some level of fire resistance. There are industry standard fire rating systems that indicate how much time a fire-resistant material can withstand a fire. At Acoustical Solutions, we offer various fire-rated ceiling tile options. Products like our AlphaSorb® Anchorage Ceiling Cloud, the Wood Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tile, and the AcoustiTherm Acoustic Ceiling Tile are just some of the many fire rated options we offer, with Class 1 or A fire rating, per ASTM E84.

Many of our acoustic ceiling tiles are fabric faced or coated and are available in a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, but we also offer tiles you can paint yourself. Our AlphaSorb® Paintable Acoustic Ceiling Tile can easily be painted using non-bridging acrylic spray paint with an eggshell sheen. Another option for paintable ceiling tiles is our AlphaSorb® Wood Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tile, a cost-effective and Eco-friendly option with a wood fiber core. The Wood Fiber tiles are available in square and hexagonal shapes and are ready to spray paint upon arrival.

There are many different ways to install acoustic ceiling panels. The method you use will depend on the type of panels you are installing. Tiles like the AlphaSorb® Wood Fiber Acoustic Ceiling Tile can drop into an existing T-bar suspended grid or be directly mounted to the ceiling with fasteners. These tiles and specific cloud panel products can also be suspended directly from the ceiling so that they hang from wires at varying heights. Banners, like the AlphaFlex® Ripstop Ceiling Banner, are catenary-mounted to the ceiling using evenly-spaced fasteners.

Acoustic ceiling clouds are a unique hanging acoustic solution capable of absorbing sound waves from two different points. There are multiple types of ceiling clouds, including fabric-wrapped options like the AlphaSorb® FR701 Acoustic Ceiling Clouds and SoundSuede™ Acoustic Ceiling Clouds that come in a variety of fabric and color options. Foam options, like the Whisperwave® line, and metal options, like the AlphaPerf® Metal Ceiling Cloud, are also available. Ceiling tiles can also be installed as cloud panels so that they hang directly from the ceiling rather than on a suspended grid.

Where you place acoustic ceiling panels depends on the panel you use. Ordinary ceiling tiles will cover the whole expanse of the ceiling. Acoustic ceiling banners can also run the full length of the ceiling, evenly spaced out to ensure the whole room gets proper acoustic coverage. Other panel options, like ceiling baffles and clouds, are slightly different in how they get installed. Unlike the rest, these two options work best when you install them directly over the areas where you have the most noise. For example, you would want to install them over conference tables or desks, to help ensure sound is controlled and echoes and reverberations are minimized.

Acoustic ceiling baffles are an inexpensive ceiling treatment that is suspended vertically and meant to help increase speech clarity. The vertical installation provides a greater surface area for reducing sound reverberations. Our sound baffles use materials like fiberglass, acoustic foam, and recycled cotton to provide the best sound absorption possible. One example of our sound baffles is the AcoustiForm Sound Baffle.

Acoustic ceiling banners are a unique acoustic solution, like our AlphaFlex® PVC Ceiling Banner. They are catenary-mounted treatments designed to reduce the echoes and reverberations in a room and to provide sound absorption. It is an inexpensive treatment for large, open spaces that requires fewer mounting points than other solutions. Unlike other solutions, acoustic ceiling banners can absorb sound from both the front and back sides, making them incredibly effective.

An acoustic ceiling cloud has two possible thicknesses, 1 in. or 2 in. Options like our AcoustiCloud are only available in a 1 in. thickness, while others like the Anchorage and Whisper Ceiling clouds come in both thicknesses. The best thickness for your space will depend on the noise level you are trying to control. A thicker panel is ideal for noisier environments for more effective sound absorption.

Some things can add clear value to a home, while others, like soundproofing, aren’t so clear. Soundproofing is something you cannot see, so unless you are told it is there, you most likely won’t notice it’s there. It can also be fairly subjective; a soundproofed home theater will only be valuable to buyers who want a home theater. Meanwhile, soundproofing to minimize noisy streets or neighbors could be seen as improvements that increase a home’s value since these types of renovations will ensure a homeowner’s peace and comfort.