The Alpha Acoustic Foams absorb sound and reduce reverberation for a wide range of applications. The core material is a Class 1 or A fire-rated. This means they are safe for use in both public and private spaces. Easy to install, they are available in an array of patterns, thicknesses and sizes. If you desire an acoustic foam pattern that will line up edge to edge, look to our AlphaLinear® Foam or the AlphaPyramid® Foam. If look is not as important, our AlphaWedge® Foam is perfect for industrial, manufacturing or other applications where you just need to get the job done. AlphaFlat® Foam is great for a smooth look. Use it as a direct mount ceiling panel or lining HVAC duct work.

For low frequency control, our AlphaCorner® Foam Bass Trap mounts in room corners and is a popular choice for critical listening environments. To create an anechoic environment, free from echo, for testing labs or other types of research, use the AlphaMax® Anechoic Wedge Foam. To both block and absorb sound for a soundproof enclosure, use the AlphaComposite® Foam. Our Alpha Acoustic Foams offer you a workforce of options to control sound and eliminate echo.